Replying to a question about rumoured upcoming hybrid versions of the new-generation 911, a high-ranking Porsche executive said the brand had come to expect "pushback" whenever it made a change to the iconic sportscar.

Speaking to journalists at the reveal of the Cayenne Coupé, Detlev von Platen, member of the executive board for sales and marketing, said "each time we touch a 911, we get pushback".

"Whether we change the engine technology from air cooled to water cooled, or we introduce a turbo in each and every model, or we put a screen inside ... any time. We get pushback for about six months then they come back and say ‘okay, you were right’.”

Von Platen claimed a hybrid 911 was not yet confirmed, despite several camouflaged mules already having been sighted.

“For the 911, we have prepared the chassis to introduce the hybrid technology but we haven’t made the decision yet to introduce it. We are ready to do it but for the moment there’s still a question mark,” he said.

In addition, von Platen said the 911 would not only always have a place in Porsche’s line-up, but that it would also continue to be the brand’s most important product.

“The 911 will continue  – and I’m very clear on this ... loud and clear – to be the centre of gravity for the brand. Each and every car we are selling and delivering and developing will continue to carry a little bit of the 911. It’s about DNA; it’s about a specific way of developing our cars. We are not the strongest, we are not the fastest but in terms of concept we are able to bring contradictions together,” he said.

Original article from Car