A high-ranking Toyota executive in Australia says the firm is “interested” in the possibility of right-hand-drive versions of the Tacoma and Tundra bakkies.

The Tacoma (pictured above) is similar in size to the Hilux, while the full-size Tundra (pictured below) sits at the summit of the Japanese firm's pick-up range.

Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia vice president of sales and marketing, told CarAdvice he was “constantly studying that market”.

"Do we have interest? Of course we do," Hanley told the publication.

"Yeah, I mean we're constantly studying that market. We're constantly interested in it so ... you know, we have no confirmed plans at all to announce today, but it's something we continue to study."

Hanley explained there were various elements to consider.

"These are the things we're working through all the time. Market size, and trends in the future, all these things are deeply important, you know, CO2 considerations going forward are deeply important," Hanley said.

"There's such a range of diversity of considerations in our market. You know, the next decade will see significant movement in the auto industry in Australia, and indeed across the world, so these are all things we have to study."

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