A fresh report out of Japan claims a production version of the quirky Toyota TJ Cruiser will be revealed in May 2020.

According to Best Car, the TJ Cruiser will finally show its production face early in May. Of course, the same publication earlier claimed the newcomer would be revealed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show in October.

Unveiled in concept form back in 2017, the TJ Cruiser will ride on the firm’s TNGA platform (rather than a ladder-frame arrangement, like the FJ Cruiser). Interestingly, Toyota earlier described it as part cargo van and part SUV.

For the record, the concept measured in at 4 300 mm long, 1 775 mm wide and 1 620 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2 750 mm. That makes it shorter nose to tail than the C-HR but with more length between its axles.

Best Car claims the production model will be offered with a choice of three engines, each connected to a continuously variable transmission: a 1,8-litre hybrid, a naturally aspirated 2,0-litre and a 2,5-litre hybrid. While the base models will be front-wheel drive, an all-wheel-drive option (as featured in the RAV4) will also be offered.

According to the publication’s source, the production model’s exterior design will largely mirror that of the concept, while two seating configurations will be offered (five or seven seats, as opposed to the concept’s four).

Original article from Car