A fresh report out of the United States claims Toyota will employ a single common platform to underpin its next-generation Tundra and Tacoma pick-ups, with the architecture eventually set to be rolled out to all of the Japanese firm’s bakkies – including the Hilux.

According to Automotive News, the upcoming new versions of the full-size Tundra and mid-size Tacoma will run on a shared platform codenamed “F1”, with sources claiming development is nearly complete. While these two new bakkies could debut as early as 2020, the Hilux's rumoured move to this shared platform would likely come quite a bit later, with the eighth-generation model having hit the market as recently as 2016 (and enjoying a facelift in 2018).

Of course, Toyota’s New Global Architecture underpins the majority of the automaker’s latest unibody wares (from the C-HR to the Corolla and RAV4, as well as some Lexus products). And this new ladder-frame chassis is expected to mirror that approach, eventually providing a base to all of the brand’s bakkies.

The report furthermore claimed the next-gen Tundra and Tacoma would feature some sort of electrification.

In January 2019, a statement from Ford Australia suggested the Blue Oval brand would take a similar approach, with the next-generation Ranger (and thus the successor to the Volkswagen Amarok, too) and F-Series set to share a new global body-on-frame platform.

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