The head of Volkswagen in North America says the German firm should be building “more enthusiast cars”.

Speaking to Motor Authority, Scott Keogh, Volkswagen Group of America president and CEO, hinted more performance models could be on the way.

In the United States, VW currently offers three performance models: the Golf GTI and Golf R (with the Golf 8 versions on the way) as well as the Jetta GLI. The T-Roc R, however, is not on the cards for North America (but is for South Africa), while the Up GTI and Polo GTI are likewise not available in the States.

"Golf R is a beloved car and we think we can create the same magic in some other segments," Keogh said, declining to go into further detail.

The publication speculated he could be referring to either another SUV (likely the Tiguan) or indeed the Passat and Arteon.

Original article from Car