A fresh report out of the United Kingdom claims Volkswagen is preparing to roll out a new “GTX” badge for use on high-performance versions of its ID all-electric vehicles.

According to Autocar, “high-ranking sources” at the Wolfsburg-based firm have confirmed the plans, with VW having already trademarked the badge.

As the publication points out, the new moniker lines up neatly with Volkswagen’s traditional naming convention for performance vehicles, joining the GTI (petrol), GTD (diesel) and GTE (plug-in hybrid) badges. Expect GTX derivatives to boast not only some extra oomph but also more aggressive exterior styling.

So, what does the “X” in the new name signify? Well, the report suggests it denotes all-wheel-drive, leading to speculation the performance versions of the various upcoming ID models will employ an electric motor on each axle.

Autocar added VW is currently working on the ID5 GTX at its research and development in Braunschweig, with a reveal tipped for early 2021.

Original article from Car