We suspect we’ll be seeing some pretty bizarre renders over the next little while (as country after country goes into lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak), starting with this “base-spec” version of the new Audi A3 Sportback.

The handiwork of X-Tomi Design, the render shows what a stripped-out, budgeting-beating version of Ingolstadt’s fourth-generation A3 might look like.

Not only has the digital artist dropped the five-door A3’s flashy alloy wheels in favour of a set of good ol’ steelies, he’s also added a black plastic front end, repeating this black trim on the door handles, side-mirror caps, window surrounds and roof rails.

Furthermore, the top-spec variant’s Matrix LED headlamps (complete with their distinctive lighting signature) have been ditched for a set of basic halogen units, along with separate orange-lensed indicators.

Of course, Audi has no plans to build such a basic version of the new A3, preferring instead to keep its midsize hatch distinctly premium. While production has already kicked off, expect the new model to launch in South Africa somewhere towards the middle of 2021 ... sans black plastic and steel wheels, of course.

Original article from Car