A fresh report out of the United Kingdom suggests BMW is planning to launch a new baby SUV positioned below the X1 and X2.

According to Auto Express (which also published speculative renderings), the newcomer will measure between 4 100 and 4 200 mm in length, which would see it taking on the likes of Audi's Q2.

The British publication claims the new baby SUV is likely to be badged the "BMW Urban X", breaking from the German manufacturer's SUV naming convention.

For the record, the X2 is currently the Munich-based firm’s most compact SUV at 4 360 mm long, while the X1 measures 4 439 mm nose to tail.

The new model is expected to ride on the company’s UKL2 front-wheel-drive architecture, which the report points out is already set up for electrification in addition to BMW’s existing range of small petrol and diesel powertrains.

Original article from Car