A digital artist from the United Kingdom has rendered the Mercedes-AMG G63 as a beastly single-cab bakkie. Is it enough to make you forget about the discontinued X-Class?

Based in West Sussex, @j.b.cars created the renders, using press images from North America as a base.

He’s simply (but quite neatly) lopped off the Geländewagen’s rear passenger compartment, replacing it with a load bay that now also houses the previously tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

We’re assuming the virtual bakkie version of Affalterbach’s G-Class retains its 430 kW/850 N.m twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8, which would make for one powerful single-cab pickup.

Of course, something similar actually exists in real life, with Mansory having revealed its 625 kW single-cab G63 in March 2020 and Brabus having unveiled a 588 kW double-cab version a month before…

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