Ford’s chief operating officer has suggested the upcoming Bronco will give the Jeep Wrangler quite a headache, saying the newcomer will be far “superior” to its American foe.

Jim Farley told the Blue Oval brand was “growing in new places”.

“We’re the number one cross-shopped brand with Jeep, a key contributor to the revenue and profit for FCA [Fiat Chrysler Automobiles].

“They’ve had that market largely by themselves; we’re going to have a whole new line-up of Broncos and it’s about time,” Farley said, before describing the new Bronco was a “much superior product” compared with the Wrangler.

Ford furthermore confirmed the new Bronco would be offered only in North America and the brand’s International Markets Group (IMG) countries. While South Africa is one of around 100 markets included in the latter, Ford earlier suggested the Bronco would not be built in right-hand-drive form.

The new Bronco, which is expected to be built on Ford’s Ranger platform, is scheduled to be revealed at some point in July 2020, before hitting dealers in the United States in the third quarter of the year.

Original article from Car