A high-ranking designer at Land Rover says the brand had to be particularly careful when styling the second-generation Range Rover Evoque, explaining he was wary of losing the SUV’s “character” and admitting it was "quite a challenge" to make the vehicle “even better” looking than before.

Earlier in November 2018, the Whitley-based automaker revealed the new Evoque – which is scheduled to arrive in South Africa in early 2019 – as a “sophisticated evolution of the original”.

Speaking to CarAdvice, Massimo Frascella, the brand’s director for exterior design, said styling the new model was not easy.

"It's the overall perception of the car that we are very, very proud of. The way it sits on the road, the overall exterior, we've improved over an already dramatically proportioned vehicle. We've made it even better; clearly that was quite a challenge," he told the Australian publication.

Frascella added the “hardest thing” was “managing the evolution".

"The first-generation Evoque was so characterful, so when you evolve that sort of character, you want to retain that character but you're forced to design in a very reductive way.

"That's where the challenge comes, when you reduce the element of the design and you don't want to lose that character. You don't want to lose that design."

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