A fresh report out of Australia claims Suzuki has ended production of its ageing Grand Vitara, but adds the firm is working on an all-new model set to boast proper off-road ability and seven seats.

According the GoAuto.com, the next-generation Grand Vitara could be launched “inside the next two years”, slotting in above the Jimny and Vitara.

Michael Pachota, Suzuki Australia’s general manager for automobiles, told the publication that production of the Grand Vitara (which has been around in its current form since 2005) had actually ended as long ago as August 2018.

“Production of the last model ended in August last year. We bought enough cars into the country to last up until April, but I’d say there are less than 100 Grand Vitaras in dealers in Australia right now,” he said.

Still, Pachota hinted a replacement was in the pipeline.

“I can’t confirm it, but based on what I’ve heard I don’t think Grand Vitara is dead,” he said.

“I think there is an opportunity for that nameplate to come back. It’s just a matter of the right research and development on SMC’s part.

“They haven’t confirmed at all whether or not it’s coming; they’re keeping it very close to their chest. But we had the same experience with Jimny … and that car was five years in development before they released the vehicle to the public, so it takes some time to get the product right,” he explained.

The Grand Vitara is still listed on Suzuki Auto South Africa’s website (as well as the brand's global site), offered in two forms: the 2,4i Dune for R391 900 and the 2,4i Summit AT for R485 900.

Original article from Car