Back in September 2018, Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann appeared to hint the automaker was considering building an SUV, before seeking to clarify his position two months later. Now, however, the former Lamborghini boss has stated emphatically: “there will be no SUV from Bugatti”.

The short quote is found right at the end of a statement released by the French firm looking back on 2018 and ahead to plans for the brand’s 110th anniversary in 2019.

“In 2019, Bugatti is celebrating its 110th anniversary, which makes the company the oldest super sports car brand still in existence,” the statement said.

“For the anniversary, Stephan Winkelmann and his team have prepared a few surprises, including a grand tour of places where Ettore Bugatti was active and the presentation of further models.

“Although speculation is rife and the time appears to be appropriate, ‘there will be no SUV from Bugatti’, says Stephan Winkelmann. He adds that an SUV would not do justice to the brand or its history.”

For 2019, Winkelmann instead promised further highlights in the existing model series.

“We are always striving for perfection and artistic technology. This is our driving force and we owe it to our historic brand and its founding genius Ettore Bugatti," he said.

Original article from Car