A fresh report out of the United States suggests that Toyota may be working on a Corolla Cross after the Japanese automaker filed a trademark application for the name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

According to AutoGuide.com, the application – which was filed on 28 August 2018 – points to the possibility of Toyota developing a raised version of its new Corolla hatchback. The cross-hatch would likely follow the usual recipe, which would include increased ground clearance along with the obligatory black plastic body cladding.

Interestingly, the Auris is set to adopt the Corolla badge globally after Toyota Motor Europe said in a press release that the firm’s “new generation of C-segment hatchbacks, saloons and wagons will bear the Corolla name worldwide”.

Although the third-generation model unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2018 wore the Auris badge (which has been around since 2006), it is expected to switch to the Corolla nameplate. This change, however, has yet to be confirmed by Toyota South Africa Motors.

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