The Toyota Hilux has been getting its fair share of in-house body kits (such as the pre-facelift TRD kit and more recently the GR Sport upgrade), but with the Tokyo Auto Salon just around the corner, Toyota has decided to unveil its TRD Hilux Black Rally edition kit. This is essentially an update to the previously mentioned TRD kit.

The catch? It’ll only be available to the Japanese domestic market.

The Hliux Black Rally edition features a collection of additional body parts to lend it a more aggressive personality. This includes plastic flared fenders, a new bumper with redesigned spotlamp inserts and an anti-scuff plate (as seen in the previous edition). Based on the images, there are different grille designs that can be selected, too.

Over at the rear, you'll find a sportier exhaust tailpiece and a TRD-branded sports bar. Additionally, there’s a new set of rocker panels, mudflaps and alloy wheels. TRD branding has also been used on the rear quarter panel. A sticker arrangement with the words “Racing Development TRD” adds a finishing touch to the doors.

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