A high-ranking Volkswagen executive says the upcoming ID Buzz will serve as a “real successor” to the Touran when it hits the market in a couple of years.

Frank Welsch, VW brand board member responsibility for technical development, suggested to Autocar the all-electric ID Buzz would indirectly replace the Touran MPV.

“Some people would say the Touran is a boring car, but it has great efficiency, great value for money [and is] great for family,” he told the UK-based publication.

“Now we have other concepts, such as the Tiguan Allspace seven-seat SUV. And we have prepared for the next generation with the ID family, including the ID Buzz, which we are developing now. These are the real successors of Touran,” Welsch said.

“The Buzz has a lot of space. It’s great looking. The production version is even better than the concept. It’s the best of the Touran,” he added.

Welsch insisted MPVs were not a thing of the past, “although demand is going down a little bit”.

“They need better design now. This is why the ID Buzz is quite emotional in design,” he explained.

When the ID Buzz concept was revealed in early 2017, the Wolfsburg-based firm billed it as “a Microbus for a new era”.

Original article from Car