Volkswagen has confirmed the new (standard) Golf 8 range will feature a pair of EA211 Evo engines, both complete with 48V mild-hybrid technology.

While the Golf GTI and R models are expected to employ updated versions of the Wolfsburg-based firm’s 2,0-liter, four-cylinder EA888 units, the cooking versions will use engines from the EA211 Evo family.

The powerplants will be offered in 1,0- and 1,5-litre TSI forms, each mated to VW’s familiar DSG dual-clutch transmission (the latest press material interestingly makes no mention of manual gearboxes) and featuring 48V technology.

Volkswagen says it will also “gradually extend the electrification of the drive system to the entire fleet”.

The 48V belt starter generator doubles as an electric motor and supports the petrol engine by increasing overall oomph under acceleration, when needed. In deceleration phases, the generator converts the vehicle's kinetic energy and charges a lithium-ion battery mounted under the passenger seat.

VW says the so-called mHEV (that’s mild-hybrid electric vehicle) system can save around 0,4 L/100 km “depending on the driving style”.


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