Volkswagen has announced that deliveries of its Golf 8 have resumed after the company developed a fix for a software glitch.

In May 2020, VW confirmed there would be a “temporary delay” in deliveries of the Golf 8.

"As part of internal investigations, we established that in individual Golf Mk 8 vehicles, the software in the online connectivity unit (OCU3) control unit may not reliably transfer data,” the Wolfsburg-based firm explained.

“As a result, full eCall/Emergency Assist functionality cannot be guaranteed. As per the applicable EU regulation, new models must feature corresponding emergency call equipment as of 31 March 2018. For this reason, we reacted in order to guarantee full compliance with this regulation,” the company added.

Volkswagen said it therefore “immediately implemented a delivery stop” for the eighth-generation Golf from the middle of May in order to “investigate the matter in co-operation with the responsible authorities and to decide on the next steps in relation to the affected vehicles”.

“In order to remedy the situation, Volkswagen has developed a software update for the control unit of the online connectivity unit. This update will be installed in Golf Mk 8 models produced in the future as standard. The update will also be installed in vehicles that have already been completed,” the firm said in its latest statement.

Volkswagen added it would “additionally initiate a voluntary recall for Golf Mk 8 models already delivered to customers in order to install the software update”. Around 15 000 vehicles in Germany are expected to be included in the recall.

Ahead of the eighth-generation Golf’s reveal in October 2019, VW was battling with bugs related to the new model’s advanced digital features. At the time, Jürgen Stackmann, who heads up sales, marketing and after sales at VW’s passenger vehicle brand, described the software problems as a “serious challenge”.

The new Golf 8 was expected to debut in South Africa in GTI guise late in 2020, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic the local launch has been pushed into early 2021...

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