The Suzuki Jimny in its standard state is by no means an intimidating car, but the body kit experts over at Wald have decided that this needed to be addressed. As a result, the Jimny’s design has been beefed up so that it looks like a true urban bruiser. The package has been fittingly dubbed the 'Black Bison'.

The Jimny body kit comprises flared wheelarches accommodating thicker off-roading tyres, along with a bumper that is strikingly similar to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. The front grille and bonnet have also been revised and now feature a series of additional air intakes.

It's not just the bodywork that's received a shot in the arm. The bumper now features a pair of four-piece LED units and two LED bars on the roof. Alterations to the rear are minor with a slightly redesigned bumper, spare wheel cover and roof spoiler.

Wald has released a limited gallery for the Black Bison Jimny and has made no mention of changes to the interior. With supply for the Jimny being limited as it is, it’s a wonder whether prospective owners would opt for a conversion such as this.

Original article from Car