The facelifted Hyundai Tucson has been put through the dreaded Moose Test, with the South Korean brand's mid-sized SUV earning a “good” rating from Spanish publication km77.

In the video below, you'll see the updated Tucson being subjected to one of the toughest handling tests out there, designed to simulate an animal suddenly running in front of a moving vehicle. The 1,6 CRDi 4x2 manual derivative under the spotlight here runs on 19-inch alloys wrapped in 245/45 Continental ContiSportContact rubber.

As we’ve pointed out before, though, whereas the Swedes usually perform the evaluation at about 60 km/h, the Spaniards conduct this test at higher speeds.

At its first attempt, the Tucson managed to reach only 76 km/h (the target speed is 77 km/h), knocking over a cone in the process. After a few more attempts and a defter touch with the steering, the driver completed the test successfully at 77 km/h, the highest speed managed on the day.

For the record, this 1,6-litre diesel model is not available in South Africa (check out the local line-up here).

Watch the clip below, which includes a slalom test, to see just how the Tucson performed (take note that the commentary is in Spanish)...

Author: Marius Boonzaier

Original article from Car