So, you're stuck indoors during South Africa's lockdown and that means you'll have to go quite some time without driving your beloved car. The only solution, then, is to fire up your gaming platform and hit the streets of the virtual world.

Here are 10 games we think you will enjoy binging while spending while at home. All are available as digital downloads, so there'll be no need to leave your house to buy them.

Burnout Paradise Remastered – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Initially released in 2008, this remastered version rewards you for dirty driving and crashing. Set in the fictional world of Paradise City (with both city and countryside landscapes), Burnout Paradise features a map rich in content. With its wide assortment of cars as well as a multiplayer platform allowing you to meet up with friends online, it’ll keep you busy for hours. There’s also a little something in here for bikers.

Forza Horizon 4 – Xbox One, PC

The fourth instalment of the Forza Horizon series offers a 670-strong licensed car roster for both on- and off-road driving in a detailed depiction of Great Britain. Additionally, players can develop their own characters with perks such as new clothes and houses. The twist with Horizon 4 is how the map updates as the seasons and weather patterns change. For those who enjoy multiplayer gaming, Horizon 4 is the perfect social driving experience.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The original PS1 game from 1999 has been given a fresh coat of paint for modern racers. It’s a long-awaited return of the crazy characters from the Crash Bandicoot series, as well as some new personalities. Use these characters on custom karts to battle your way to the front of the grid in a series of tournaments and challenges.

Need for Speed Heat – PS4, Xbox One, PC

If you’re someone who loves the tuner scene then Need for Speed Heat is the perfect experience with its broad catalogue of highly customisable licensed cars. Heat allows players to adjust intricate settings such as the exhaust note and lets you decide whether you want to explore Palm City (effectively a fictitious render of Miami, Florida) during the day or at night. Challenges include conventional racing, drifting and escaping cops.

Gran Turismo Sport – PS4

If you’re looking for an experience that’s more focused on serious simulation racing, then GT Sport is for you. While it features a single-player campaign mode, the game’s focus is online multiplayer racing. Challenge drivers from around the world with a comprehensive selection of 324 cars and 82 tracks. The game also features VR support for a more immersive experience and an entertaining “scapes” mode for those who want to practice their photography skills.

Asphalt 9: Legends – iOS, Android, PC, Nintendo Switch

If it’s a traditional arcade experience you want (or if you have access only to a smartphone), then it’s worth giving Asphalt 9 a go. With 89 customisable licensed cars to choose from, players can entertain themselves with a thrilling array of challenges and races through a number of unique and detailed global locations.

Real Racing 3 – iOS, Android

Real Racing 3 is for those who desire a more track-focused mobile racing experience. With more than 250 licensed cars and 21 real-world race tracks it’s the closest your phone will get to becoming a full-on racing simulator. The game follows a career progression campaign which allows you to unlock more cars as you race; enough to keep you busy for hours.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, this game should already be in your library. Mario Kart offers an unconventional but exciting racing experience that requires you to drive as dirtily as possible to make it to the front. Your frustration levels are tested as numerous obstacles do their best to get in your way.

Ride 3 – PS4, Xbox One, PC

It’s very difficult to replicate the feeling of adrenaline experienced from riding a superbike but Ride 3 does a good job of putting you on the rider’s seat. The third instalment of the franchise features 230 bikes dating all the way back to 1966 which you can use to tackle 30 intense circuits through an enjoyable but challenging campaign.

Horizon Chase Turbo – PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

This is the ultimate throwback to arcade racers of the late '80s. Horizon Chase Turbo draws inspiration from classics such as Outrun and Chase HQ. Compared with the other games on this list, it offers simple and straightforward racing gameplay. The 31 cars in game are not licensed but the design cues are instantly recognisable. You can enjoy them all in an extensive 109-strong track list.

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