It's been more than a year since Nissan revealed the Nismo variant of its Leaf, featuring some aggressive new body panels. Now the firm has taken the electric car to the next level by transforming it into a fully fledged racecar. Meet the Leaf Nismo RC.

Boasting an electric motor on each axle (and thus all-wheel drive), the Leaf Nismo RC boasts peak outputs of 240 kW and 640 N.m of torque, making it more than twice as powerful than the previous Leaf racecar, resulting in a claimed 0-100 km/h time of 3,4 seconds. Interestingly, the high-capacity lithium-ion battery and inverters are sourced from the road car.

With an overall length of 4 546 mm, it’s slightly longer than its predecessor but it’s also lower with a height of 1 212 mm (for the record, that's a full 300 mm less than the road car). With its full carbon-fibre racing monocoque structure, the Leaf Nismo RC weighs in at 1 220 kg.

Six of these cars will be produced for emission-free marketing events around the world. They will be on display at Formula E races as well as major shows and events.

Original article from Car