The folks over at CarWow in the United Kingdom have put together another intriguing drag race featuring two proper automotive icons: the E46-generation BMW M3 CSL and the B5-generation Audi RS4 Avant.

The race follows an earlier battle between the E30-generation M3 and the RS2 Avant.

So, what happened in this latest straight-line fight? Well, we won’t ruin the fun for you, but we will point out that the M3 CSL featured here is (obviously) rear-wheel and automatic, while the RS4 is all-wheel drive and fitted with a manual gearbox.

Of course, the M3 CSL draws its urge from a naturally aspirated 3,2-litre straight-six while the heavier Audi employs a twin-turbo 2,7-litre V6.

Watch the drag battle in the video above, which also includes a rolling race and an on-track comparison…

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