The folks over at CarWow in the United Kingdom have done something a little different with their latest drag race, pitting the Lexus LC500 coupé against the legendary Lexus LFA.

For the record, the LFA – which went out of production late in 2012 after a run of just 500 units – generates some 412 kW courtesy of its screaming 4,8-litre V10. The new LC500, meanwhile, employs a 5,0-litre V8 worth some 351 kW.

So, since the LFA is also considerably lighter than its younger sibling, you’d think this is a bit of a mismatch. And you’d be right. Still, the video above is worth watching for the sound alone as the two coupés blast along at full chat.

Watch the clip above, which includes a drag race, a race from a rolling start and a braking test…

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