Mercedes-Benz has released a promotional video, highlighting the abilities of its G350d. The skit shows Rob, a soon-to-be G-Class owner, take delivery of his new turbodiesel SUV. However, before he is given the keys, product expert Phillip subjects Rob to a couple of tests that highlight what is required of a driver when using the G-Class to its full capabilities.

Initiating the experience, Rob is subjected to a sandstorm simulator to get a feel of what it’s like to bash your G-Class through a windy desert with the windows open. Following this, Rob’s mother is brought into the showroom and put to the grab handle test by means of an electric rodeo bull to gauge her abilities as a passenger through an intricate off-road course.

After passing these two trials, Rob is handed the keys with his mother fully prepared for the driving experience to come.

Original article from Car