Thanks to Ctrl, the country’s first insurance advice app, you can make sure your ride is covered as you prepare for your next road trip...

Are you ready?

With summer fast approaching and the levels of lockdown slowly going down, South Africans are relieved to be hitting the road again, or at least planning to do so soon.

There are at least two things you don’t want to be caught without as you head off to your favourite local holiday destination: fuel and insurance.

Fuel is an easy fix. Just head over to the nearest petrol station and grab a coffee while you fill up your tank. But thanks to Ctrl, SA’s first digital insurance advisor, sorting out your vehicle insurance is now just as easy!

From quotes to cover within minutes

The app is free and after answering one set of basic questions about your car, you can get up to 5 quotes from different insurers within minutes to compare side by side.

An actuarial algorithm makes a recommendation based on your specific needs, helping you to decide. You can even chat with a qualified advisor if you’re still unsure about which one to choose. Ctrl believes that good advice should be part of the process of getting affordable insurance that suits your lifestyle.

Speaking about lifestyle, why not add your caravan, motorbike, trailer or camping trailer while you’re at it? And nothing is stopping you from adding your building and house contents and all risk items to see if you can get a more competitive quote to what you’re currently paying. Everything is done conveniently in the app.

Once you pick a quote, you are immediately covered, no follow-up phone calls needed. Plus, you get emergency roadside assistance, which is always good to have when you’re travelling. You can claim directly through the app and add or delete assets if needed. Everything is in one place so you can see exactly what’s covered and how much you’re paying for it.

Unfortunately, the three-fold risk aspect of Fire & Theft, Accident and Third Party Claims will always be with us as long as we own vehicles. But thanks to the Ctrl app it is now easier to sort out your insurance and to make sure you’re covered when it comes to your wheels.

Take care and take Ctrl these holidays! Get the app here for free, or visit for more.

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