Innovation has always been central to the Michelin Group when it comes to developing tyres and services to improve driving and mobility. This innovative spirit has helped create the new additions to the Pilot Sport range which Michelin has recently introduced in the Africa and Middle East. The new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R and Michelin Pilot Sport4 SUV are adapted to every driving condition with superior grip, which is designed to last longer. 

From SUV’s to high performance sedans, Michelin Pilot Sport tyres are used by some of the best competitive sports car makers in the world, on over 200 performance vehicles. This range also holds several circuit records and has been developed jointly with customers and partner car manufacturers to achieve the highest performance levels.

The two latest additions to this range, the Michelin Pilot Sport4 SUV and the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R, have been designed for drivers who want to use the full potential of their car and increase their driving pleasure. Both tyres use technologies developed in motorsport and in cooperation with the most demanding car manufacturers when it comes to performance.

Marc Pasquet, President, Africa, India and Middle East region, Michelin, said: “In the region, we are again raising the bar for performance tyres with the introduction of the new tyres from the MICHELIN Pilot Sport family. This new range of tyres is meant for the auto enthusiast, who wants optimum driving pleasure, without compromising on performance, safety and longevity. We are delighted that the range is available in the region immediately after its launch at the Geneva Motor Show this year, signifying the importance that Michelin Group attaches to the region.”


The new Michelin Pilot Sport4 SUV replaces the Michelin Latitude Sport3 and can be used for the full range of SUVs – 4X4, compact, medium, premium and sports.

This new tyre benefits from the powerful innovation capacities of the Michelin Group and the latest technologies of the Michelin Pilot Sport range, with an emphasis on control and stability at high speed while guaranteeing safety and a long tyre life. The safe and versatile high-performance tyre, delivers exceptional comfort and the pleasure of driving sporty SUVs, in safe conditions on dry and wet roads alike, while having a longer tyre life compared to its competitors. 

With this new tyre, Michelin has managed to combine all these features by using motorsport tyre technologies in addition to innovations taken from the latest Formula E tyres.


The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R is a bespoke high performance tyre developed in conjunction with the most prestigious car manufacturers, such as Porsche and Ferrari. This model of tyres from the Michelin Pilot Sport range has been developed to meet the needs of experienced drivers in ultra-high performance cars looking for the ultimate performance during track days.

Specifically designed for use on the track, the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R tyre maximises grip on dry circuits and delivers optimum and secure handling levels, making it possible for drivers to attack corners at high speeds. Tests carried out on a circuit by Michelin with different vehicle manufacturers highlighted an average increase of 0.5 sec/km using the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 R.

The new Michelin Pilot Sport range tyres will be available from April 2019 at all Michelin authorised dealerships, including the TYREPLUS network in the region.

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