SABAT Batteries was established in 1967, with its first factory in Johannesburg. Through its sponsorship of local motorsport and its distinctive red colour scheme, SABAT has become known as South Africa’s most renowned automotive battery and fastest moving battery brand. Building on this legacy, SABAT is now a celebrated lifestyle brand, enjoying strong support and brand loyalty from motorists, including sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Offering a wide range, from batteries for boats and jet skis to batteries for cars and quad bikes, SABAT Batteries is well positioned as the lifestyle battery of choice for fun-loving adventure seekers. This quality brand meets the needs of a diverse market and is renowned for its reliability and offers great value for money.

Falling under the category of automotive batteries, SABAT delivers unparalleled performance and includes a wide range of motorcycle and leisure batteries, including marine batteries.

As well as being a household name, SABAT has a proud racing history which has seen them fly the brand’s iconic white and red colours on the local motorsport scene since the late 1970s. Many racing greats have achieved great honours under their colours, none more so than the Lindenberg Racing Team.

The association between Lindenberg Racing and SABAT goes back some 33 years when Tim Woolcott, the then Marketing Director of SABAT, concluded the first sponsorship agreement with Peter Lindenberg, initiating one of the longest surviving motorsport partnerships to date. To this day SABAT is still a vital part of Lindenberg Racing and its ongoing successes.

Over the years, Peter Lindenberg, and more recently his daughter Paige (pictured below), have been a dominant force in motorsport, winning 23 national championships over three decades and recognising the future potential of Historic Car Racing worldwide, Lindenberg Racing moved to become South Africa’s most professional and competitive historic race car team.

All the way through Lindenberg Racing’s history, whether it be in boats, go-karts or cars, the relationship between SABAT and the Lindenberg family has been a significant and successful one. 

Looking back on the 33 years of the SABAT and Lindenberg Racing association, its richness is reflected in successes in numerous championships with no fewer than two South Africa oval championships and two Sascar titles, as well as a number of regional historic racing successes

Peter has earned Springbok and Protea colours in three different sports and was inducted into the South African sports Hall of Fame in 2008. He currently races a Shelby Daytona Coupe in Pre-66 Sports and GT, Class B and a 1968 Ford Fairlane in Pre-79 Historic Saloon Cars. He won the 2014 and 2015 championships in the Fairlane and was also awarded prestigious Knight of The Historic Tour award.

Paige Lindenberg also races the team’s 1968 Ford Escort and shares Lindenberg Racing’s newly built 1968 Ford Fairlane with dad Peter in endurance events.

In addition to its proud racing legacy, SABAT has also forged a strong relationship with the QuadPara Association of South Africa. The QuadPara Race day, which is held annually, is a celebration of the enduring relationship between the QuadPara Association of South Africa and SABAT Batteries, a relationship which started many years ago when SABAT started sponsoring batteries free of charge to members of the association to power their wheelchairs.

The event is the only one of its kind in the world and culminates with Quadriplegics using their power wheelchairs to line up at the start line and race to the finish line to see who is crowned “The fastest Quad”. The relationships and involvement between QASA and SABAT Batteries has continued to thrive over the years and the opportunity to celebrate this is always keenly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. The event culminates with Quadriplegics using their power wheelchairs to line up at the start line and race to the finish line to see who is crowned “The fastest Quad”.

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