Long-term test (Introduction): Honda Civic 1,5T Sport CVT

It’s always pleasant ascending a hierarchy of long-termers from the same carmaker. Although my previous Honda, a BR-V, had an abundance of space, my first few days with the Civic were a welcome step up in terms of luxury and comfort. The sedan also, obviously, handles much better than the seven-seater family wagon. 

There are four models in the local Civic range and our test unit is the 1,5T Sport CVT. This means it is equipped with the flagship 1,5-litre turbopetrol developing 127 kW and 220 N.m instead of the 1,8-litre naturally aspirated unit. We’ve said it before, but after years of offering only naturally aspirated engines, this turbopetrol is like a breath of fresh air in the Honda line-up and one of the best of its kind. 

Connected to a continuously variable transmission, I rarely need to use the upper half of the rev range as the engine speed remains consistently low, a key element of this type of ‘box. The available torque low in the rev range (maximum torque of 220 N.m is already available at 1 700 r/min) makes city driving a breeze. Should you wish to extract more immediate performance from the engine, there are small steering wheel-mounted paddles to hike up the revs. 

Further highlights in the cabin include metallic pedal covers, leather-trimmed seats and steering wheel, a seven-inch infotainment screen and even heated front chairs. 

It is comforting to sit so low to the ground again, an antidote to the number of SUVs and cross- overs we drive these days. My Android phone effortlessly connects to the Bluetooth system and I have several places to store said smartphone in the cabin: the large centre console has plenty of space while there are even more storage and charging points between the front seats. 

From the outside, there is no mistaking the Civic for any other sedan. It has a typically Honda design (sharp and angular), with some neat detailing in the LED- equipped headlamps and running lights. While the rear wing might not be to everyone’s taste, I like it. 

Although sedans have largely fallen out of favour, the best ones offer a high level of practicality. Seated behind my ideal driving position, the rear quarters boast an abundance of legroom. At 1,87 metres tall, my knees don’t even touch the front seats and I have sufficient headroom. 

Current fuel consumption is 6,41 L/100 km, which I aim to lower in the coming months. 

After 1 month
Current Mileage: 
 492 km
Average fuel consumption:
 6,41 L/100 km
We like: 
overall comfort; ride quality
We don’t like: 
conservative image


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