The Witzenberg Motor Club (WBMC) organised, 15th Hyperformance Club Mykonos Resort and Casino Gymkhana also round two of the 2005 Casino Mykonos challenge is taking place on Saturday, 13 August at Club Mykonos.

The event starts at 9am and continues till late afternoon.

Patrick Vermaak, PRO for WBMC said that there are two identical set courses where two competitors will take each other on at a time vying for top spot on the podium.

Dawie Joubert in his yellow Dastak Lotus Elise will be there along with Mike Nathan who is swapping his CVT Toyota Corolla rally car for the 1700 AWI Mazda Rustler. Anton van Bosch in his Bosch Automotive 20 valve 2L VW Fox and André Dreyer in his Weskaap Bakwerke 16 valve 2 litre VW Golf GTi will be there to ensure a battle between themselves and Nathan. With entries open till the day of the competition, Vermaak said that there may yet be a few surprise entries.

Given the location and other entertainment, there will be plenty of activities for young and old.

For those with a taste for aquatic adventure, there is a yellow and white bullet that can glide through water at 110 kmph.

Only thought that powerslides and dougnuts are restricted to tar? To the contrary, I found out that this can be done on water with the greatest of ease. As part of a media exercise for the Gymkhana, members of the media were invited to 'meet' the Bugaloo owned by F3 powerboat champion Theo Lötter.

The Bugaloo is a Ballistic F1 rigid inflatable boat (RIB). Piloted by owner Theo Lötter and co-pilot Rob Weyer, the Bugaloo won the 2004/05 Trans Agulhas Offshore Inflatable Boat Challenge. Its main task is to take passengers on an adventure ride around the coast to have a breathtaking view of the coast line including a glimpse of whales basking in the water.

For more information log on to or e-mail [email protected]

Follow the West Coast Road, turn off to the left at the sign saying Langebaan and follow the signs to Club Mykonos to come and enjoy a day of action and family fun.

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