Audi’s EV onslaught continues with the introduction of four new plug-in hybrid models set to take the floor at this year’s Geneva motor show. The A8, A7 Sportback, A6 and Q5 have all been fitted with a 14,1 kWh battery which will pilot the cars for up to 40 km at a time based on WLTP figures.

To be officially dubbed as the T FSI e, these PHEV models will be available in two variants; a comfort model or an S line trim for a more enthusiastic motorist. These latter models will feature a tightly tuned suspension and a higher boost performance from the electric motor.

The T FSI e derivatives will all make use of the VAG group’s turbocharged 3,0-litre V6 petrol engine and eight-speed torque converter with permanent all-wheel drive. Through the energy regeneration system, the brakes will be able to collect up to 80 kW of energy while mild braking events can be performed by the electric motor’s 0,4g of deceleration.

The electric motor can also supply power to the cars’ cooling systems; 3 kW for heat and 1 kW for cooling. There will also be three electric modes to suit the environment you’ll be driving in; EV, auto and hold. These can work in conjunction with the car’s petrol engine driving modes.

For charging purposes, the T FSI e models will come with a compact charging system as standard, suitable for both two and three phase sockets. With a 7,2 kW output, the battery can be charged within two hours.

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