German tuning company G-Power had earlier this week revealed its menacing 588 kW BMW M5, now the firm has turned its attention to BMW's turbocharged 6-cylinder M140i and M240i variants. Here, the goal was not only to boost power but to push the Vmax past the 280 km/h mark. Future G-Power upgrades to BMW 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and X models capable of troubling top speeds are also on the cards.

For the M140/M240i, subtle exterior styling alterations ensure that the vehicles remain largely unassuming. Two tuning packages are on offer, the first employing a software upgrade with updated ECU mapping that ups the power from the factory 240 kW to 294 kW. For context, the current BMW M2 competition produces 302 kW.

The second tuning package adds some hardware into the mix in the form of stainless steel, flow-optimized downpipes. This, in addition to an ECU remap, helps the car serve up an impressive 590 N.m and 323 kW. Both of these tuning packages see Vmax quoted at over 280 km/h.

G-Power is at pains to mention that these modifications and performance gains have been carried out within the acceptable limits of the BMW M40i models B58 engines' potential.

For more on the standard-specification BMW M140i watch it battle the Audi S3 sedan at Cape Town's Killarney race track in a CAR Track Test.

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