In January 2019, Honda confirmed plans to reveal a prototype version of its upcoming production electric vehicle (which will draw inspiration from the little Honda Urban EV Concept of 2017) at the Geneva International Motor Show. And now the Japanese brand has given us our first glimpse of the prototype’s screen-heavy cabin.

Honda says the interior was designed to create a “warm and engaging atmosphere”, featuring a full-width, cleanly designed dashboard with what the firm describes as “intuitive user-focused technology”.

Judging by the image, the vehicle’s lengthy digital dashboard will be split into three sections, including an instrument cluster sited directly ahead of the driver. In the image, the central screen plays host to often-used features (such as navigation and phone), while the far-right display shows a graphic plus various audio functions. Of course, there’s every chance the layout of these screens will be highly configurable.

It’s also worth noting the air-conditioning controls appear to be actual physical buttons, sited in the centre console and separated from the digital elements by a full-width wood trim piece. The steering wheel, meanwhile, includes what appear to be adaptive cruise control switches.

Earlier, Honda said the new retro-styled electric vehicle had been developed with a focus on “functionality and purpose”, with the first prototype sketch demonstrating this with its “clean, simple and unique design”. Of course, the sketch draws clear inspiration from the aforementioned concept (itself reminiscent of the first-generation Civic).

So, when will the proper production model arrive? Well, Honda says it will be on sale in initial markets “later in the year”...

Original article from Car