The head of Renault in India says the French firm’s South African distributor is aiming to sell about 200 units of the new Triber per month.

Speaking to Autocar India, Venkatram Mamillapalle, managing director of Renault in that country, confirmed South Africa was the first market outside of India to launch the new Chennai-built seven-seater.

“The [South] African team is planning to sell about 200 units a month. We think it’ll enhance further and we are currently capacitising for all the markets in India, from March onwards. About 20 percent additional volume based on what we foresee the exports,” Mamillapalle said.

Interestingly, he suggested Renault SA’s predictions were conservative.

“My best estimate is even though the people here in South Africa are saying 200 [units], I'm sure with the product acceptance and reception it’ll go much higher. So we’ve got to prepare for that and this year I would say that we should touch at least 3 000 exports to South Africa,” Mamillapalle told the publication.

The local range comprises three variants (an automated manual option is in the pipeline), with pricing starting at R164 900 and running through to R189 900.

Original article from Car