Jaguar’s design chief says he’s doesn’t “want to keep chasing the pack”, claiming the British brand should be “setting the pace” in terms of styling.

Julian Thomson, Jaguar’s design director, told Autocar India he had recently been “experimenting with the boundaries of what the brand can be”.

“Now is the time for changing the backdrop and to really start afresh," he stated.

Thomson explained he felt adopting a stronger brand identity would make Jaguar stand out from its numerous rivals.

“We are seeing lots of new brands from China, start-ups from America and a lot of strong competition, particularly from the Germans. So it is very important that we establish a very strong Jaguar identity going forward. For a brand like Jaguar, we really want to build on our history because that is what our customers want, be part of that exclusive club.”

He told the publication he’d like the Coventry-based firm's cars to “stand out more and be more different than they are at the moment”.

“I'd like the interiors to be more special and the cars to look even more beautiful. I want them to be more identifiable," he said.

“I want to move away from the middle ground and do things which are a little bit more exotic. I don't want to keep chasing the pack. Jaguar is about innovation. It should be about leading and setting the pace.”

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