The head of Peugeot says coupés are rapidly disappearing from mainstream line-ups because of massive investment in three future technologies.

Speaking to Autocar, Peugeot boss Jean-Philippe Imparato said there were three things attracting investment that otherwise might be directed towards the development of coupés and convertibles.

He told the British publication large automakers were investing heavily in electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and 5G connectivity, leaving little in the way of financial resources for the development of niche vehicles such as sporty coupés.

“I love these cars,” Imparato said of coupés and convertibles. “But today there are three other topics first.”

The 53-year-old predicted investments in the three technologies would continue to dominate for at least a decade.

With the RCZ (pictured above) having gone out of production back in 2015, Peugeot’s broader global range no longer includes a coupé.

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