Volkswagen says it plans on more than doubling daily production of the outgoing Amarok bakkie at its factory in Argentina.

According to’s Brazilian arm, VW said it would increase the pace of production to meet high demand both in Argentina and more than 30 export countries (including South Africa, where the 190 kW V6 version is finally set to launch).

Of course, it’s worth keeping in mind VW no longer builds the bakkie in Hanover, with the Pacheco plant having since taken over as the bakkie's main production site.

VW says it will increase production by 36 percent on 21 September 2020, which should see the daily average jump from 110 to 150 units. In October, however, that figure is expected to rise to 230 units a day, which would represent an increase of 110 percent.

Interestingly, once this first-generation Amarok goes out of production, the Pacheco plant is expected to switch to building the upcoming Tarek crossover. The second-generation Amarok, meanwhile, will be built alongside the next Ranger at Ford’s assembly plant in Silverton, South Africa, from 2022.

Original article from Car