A senior executive at Isuzu Motors in India has suggested the Japanese brand is in the process of developing a small SUV to slot in under the MU-X.

Speaking to business publication Moneycontrol.com, Ken Takashima, deputy managing director and executive vice president at Isuzu Motors India, said the brand would not ignore increasing demand for smaller crossover.

“SUV demand is growing not just in India but across the world and the trend is expected to remain like that for some more years. Product development work is going on internationally and we are yet to decide if India should be one of the markets for it,” he said.

Takashima added he felt the brand could improve its product offering.

“As we go along we will consider what kind of products we should have next. In India, we are relatively new so we would like to brush up our current line-up as much as possible.

“We will be bringing out variations of our current line-up for the future. We feel we can do a lot more to improve ourselves in order to meet customer requirements product-wise,” he told the publication.

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