A high-ranking Jaguar Land Rover executive says the British group has no plans to build smaller vehicles “just to get economy of scale”.

Speaking to Autocar, chief commercial officer Felix Bräutigam suggested the Range Rover Evoque was as compact as the firm would go.

“We should not and will not drive down into segments just to get economy of scale,” he told the publication.

“An Evoque is 4,37 metres and a Golf is 4,3 metres. It’s Golf sized,” Bräutigam added.

For the record, Jaguar’s E-Pace is slightly larger than the Evoque, measuring 4 395 mm nose to tail.

Range Rover will, however, build a new, large road-biased vehicle that sacrifices off-road performance for on-road comfort, according to a separate report from Auto Express.

The report quotes Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s design director, as saying if firms such as “Bentley and Rolls-Royce can do an SUV, why can’t Land Rover or Range Rover do a luxury car?”.

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