BMW has announced that from the start of next month its current head of development for the new 8 Series, Markus Flasch, will be in-charge of the Bavarian brand’s M Performance Division.

Austrian-born Flasch, a motorsports enthusiast, will after three years be taking over the reins from Franciscus van Meel, the man responsible for the (latest) all-wheel-drive F90 M5, which we tested earlier this year.

According to the Munich-based automaker, Van Meel, a former boss of Audi quattro performance division, has been highly  praised since he took over M. Apart from the M5, under his guidence the first M2, M2 Competition, X3 M, X4 M and upcoming M3 and M4 models have been developed.

Van Meel will now head BMW Group’s “Total Vehicle” development unit.

Original article from Car