A high-ranking Mazda executive in Australia says the firm is “delighted” with the Isuzu turbodiesel engine doing duty in the new BT-50 bakkie.

The new, third-generation BT-50 is based on the new D-Max and is thus powered by Isuzu’s 3,0-litre, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, which delivers 140 kW at 3 600 r/min and 450 N.m from 1 600 to 2 600 r/min.

Alastair Doak, Mazda Australia marketing chief, suggested to CarsGuide the new BT-50 would stay true to the company’s Skyactiv philosophy despite being built by another brand.

“I think it sits quite comfortably [in the Mazda line-up]. Obviously, the whole point of Skyactiv is around improving fuel consumption, and this one is a huge improvement over the current BT-50.

“I think from a philosophical point of view, it obviously fits that brief,” Doak said.

He went on to say Mazda was “very happy” with the Isuzu engine.

“I think as a commercial vehicle, it’s always going to be a different engine technology, and obviously a larger capacity diesel that very much focuses on low speed torque,” Doak said.

“We’re very happy with the engine, and the power and torque outputs right now, and obviously delighted with the fuel consumption.

“We’re obviously with a partner who has a very strong reputation in the commercial vehicle market, and obviously in that [bakkie] and off-road ability as well, so we’re delighted to have that partnership.”

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