Mercedes-Benz Vans has revealed three interesting new camper van concepts, each with its own innovative design to help adventurers explore the wild in comfort. These vans will be on display at the 2018 Caravan Salon held in Düsseldorf.

The concept that’s closest to production here is the Sprinter Connected Home, which includes the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control and MBUX, which can be used in the custom living area. Via a smartphone app, the door locks, gas cylinder level, water tank level, battery charge and temperature levels can be monitored. You can also control the electrically extendable awning, sound system, interior lighting and step to the living area.

Then there's the Concept Marco Polo, which is based on the V-Class. This concept introduces a new intelligent connectivity solution in the form of a revised voice control system. Through this, users will be able to control the Marco Polo’s air suspension, pop-up roof, lights and more.

For example, saying “Hey Mercedes, I want to relax” will regulate the vehicle level, extend the pop-up roof and awning, activate the awning’s ambience lighting and switches on music. To pack everything away, the "Hey Mercedes, get ready to leave" command will get the Marco Polo back into a driving state.

Various functions of the Marco Polo can also be operated via smartphone through the Connected Home 2,0 app.

Finally, fuel cell technology is promoted in the Concept Sprinter F-CELL, which uses Mercedes-Benz’s 147 kW/350 N.m battery-electric and fuel cell powertrain, giving it a total range of 530 km. The van is fitted with three tanks placed on the underbody and is able to hold 4,5 kg of hydrogen. That's enough to cover the Sprinter F-CELL for 300 km. A fourth tank resides in the rear to extend the range to around 500 km. A plug-in hybrid battery takes care of the final 30 km.

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