One place you don’t expect to see a mid-engined sportscar is off-road, but a few decades ago Alpine was actually an expert at doing so with the rear-engined A110 which conquered the 1973 Monte Carlo Rally.
Paying homage to this feat, Alpine has taken its new A110 and turned it into a dune-bashing performance car. The SportsX concept takes the standard car adds some pumped-up body panels and increases the ride height. These changes make the SportsX 80 mm wider and 60 mm higher than the standard A110. For good measure, a pair of snowboards has been attached to the rear hatch in order to accentuate this concept’s sense of adventure.
Based off the standard A110's Pure trim model, the SportsX adopts Renault’s turbocharged 1,8-litre four-cylinder engine which pushes 185 kW an 320 N.m of torque to the rear wheels. The concept will take the stage at the International Automobile Festival alongside four other unique creations including the Vision Gran Turismo car and 1966 A210 prototype.


Original article from Car