A high-ranking executive at Aston Martin has suggested that the company’s first-ever SUV, the DBX, could be equipped with a “drift mode”.

Speaking to CarAdvice, senior manager of vehicle dynamics at Aston Martin, Ian Hartley, hinted the Woking-based firm is considering a drift mode-like function for the DBX to give it a “competitive edge” over its rivals.

"It's a 'never-say-never' thing... Who wouldn't want to see a drift mode? I am all for drift mode,” Hartley told the Australian publication.

In 2018, CARmag.co.za reported that Aston Martin could ditch the Mercedes-AMG-sourced 4,0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine, instead opting for a new six-cylinder mill derived from the company's 5,2-litre V12 to debut in the DBX.

For the moment, however, the British firm will continue using the AMG V8, which currently services the Vantage and eight-cylinder variants of the DB11; in the latter application, the V8 produces 375 kW and 675 N.m of torque, while the Vantage unit has been tuned to churn out an extra 10 N.m.

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