Since its release, the Mercedes-AMG G63 has become the inspiration behind many tuning projects. The latest company to unveil its uprated G63 is German firm Lorinser, a self-proclaimed “specialist” when it comes to modifying Stuttgart's finest.

The Lorinser-tuned Geländenwagen, seen here riding on 23-inch Vossen wheels in an candy apple red hue, has been equipped with a performance kit, sourced from Florida-based company RENNtech, which includes chip tuning, revised downpipes and a new sport exhaust system.

Thanks to these upgrades the power output of the standard G63's twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8 petrol mill has been increased from 430 kW to a whopping 588 kW. The company makes no mention of the new torque output (the standard figure is already lofty at 850 N.m).

Performance figures, too, have yet to be announced but the firm estimates the 0-100 km/h sprint time will fall below four seconds.

Other additions to the standard Mercedes-AMG G63, which CAR tested in February 2019, include sport suspension (lowering the 2,5-tonne SUV by 30 mm); a large bonnet attachement and air intakes; and a roof-mounted rear spoiler.

Original article from Car