Earlier in 2019, CARmag.co.za reported that a high-ranking Mazda executive suggested that the Japanese automaker is considering a hot version of the new Mazda3. Now, however, another exec has once again made it clear that an MPS-badged 3 is not on the cards.

Speaking to carsguide, Mazda’s global development and product planning boss Hiroyuki Matsumoto told the Australian publication at the international launch of the Mazda3 Skyactiv-X that although the manufacturer is capable of building a Volkswagen Golf GTI rival, it has no plans to do it.

“We are capable of creating an engine to answer such demands for more power.” Matsumoto said. “But at the moment, we have no plan to do it”.

This is, however, not the first time a Mazda exec has said that it is not planning a high-performance iteration of the latest Mazda3. Late in 2018, Akira Marumoto, president and CEO, said that building performance vehicles were not a “priority”.

The new Mazda3 will thus be available in 1,5-, 2,0- and 2,5-litre naturally aspirated petrol units, plus a supercharged compression ignition gas-burner, Skyactive-X. A 1,8-litre turbodiesel engine will be available, too.

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