Opel says its new Corsa, which is set to be fully revealed before the end of 2019, will weigh just 980 kg in its lightest form.

Yes, the upcoming sixth-generation of the German brand’s hatchback will dip under what Opel describes as the “magical 1 000 kg mark”, with the five-door model tipping the scales at only 980 kg (excluding its driver).

Compared with its predecessor, this model variant is thus a full 108 kg lighter (which translates to a weight-saving of around 10 percent), despite bearing a “similar length of 4,06 metres”.

Of course, the Corsa will move to a PSA Group platform for this generation, with powertrain choices set to include petrol and diesel combustion engines as well as an all-electric option. The Rüsselsheim-based firm says the “particularly compact” three-cylinder petrol engines weigh around 15 kg less than the outgoing model’s four-cylinder units.

In addition, the new Corsa will employ an aluminium bonnet, while a new “optimised” seat structure will save a total of 10 kg. But the use of high-strength and “ultra-high-strength” steels, as well as the “optimisation of load paths, connections, structure and form”, will see the body-in-white itself weighing in some 40 kg lighter than before.

Original article from Car