A high-ranking Nissan executive says the Japanese automaker is aware of “customer interest” in a V6 powertrain for the Navara, but adds no plans for a six-cylinder bakkie have been finalised.

Speaking to Drive, Nissan’s chief product planning manager, Pedro de Anda, admitted some customers were yearning for the V6 offered in the previous Navara.

“There are two things: one is the powerplant and the other is overall capability … and we do want to enhance the toughness in Navara and the overall capability,” he told the Australian publication.

“Changing the engine is more challenging because of the emissions and investment to change that. It is something that we are aware of, especially in Australia and in some of Europe; there is customer interest for the V6 that we offered in previous-generation Navara, so it is something that we are starting but there is no plan,” he added.

Interestingly, in April 2018, a Mercedes-Benz executive shot down suggestions that Nissan could lay its hands on the German brand’s 190 kW V6 oil-burner to create a high-performance version of the Navara (what with the X-Class being based on the Navara).

Still, De Anda furthermore suggested the Navara AT32 – a beefed-up version of the bakkie created in collaboration with Arctic Trucks (and pictured above) – was potentially in line to be rolled out to other (unspecified) markets.

“At the moment they only have presence in Europe but we are actively studying where else that can be,” he said.

“There is one main restriction which is that Arctic Trucks only has operations in Europe. So there is no sales, technical support outside of Europe.”

Original article from Car