Toyota’s Australian arm has shot down reports it plans to offer an all-electric version of its Hilux, but has also hinted the popular bakkie may eventually get the hybrid treatment.

Mainstream media Down Under reported the Japanese brand was considering fully electrifying its Hilux. But Toyota Australia sales and marketing boss, Sean Hanley, says this won’t happen.

“We never said that there would be a full electric Hilux. We have never confirmed there would be a full electric Hilux,” Hanley told CarAdvice, before adding “there is a global plan to include electrification across a range of vehicles”.

“It all comes down to the definition of electrification of vehicles. But unfortunately the mainstream media has seemingly defined electrification as full electric and it’s not the only solution,” he explained.

Still, Hanley said the firm was by no means against full electrification.

“I want to dispel any myths that Toyota is against full electrification. We’re just not. We’re making significant investments in battery technology in both China and the US right now. Some would suggest in many ways we are leading that charge,” he told the publication.

“Hybrid petrol is a credible option as we transition to electric cars or [hydrogen] fuel-cell cars. We’re not closed to any of these options going forward.”

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