A Ford Performance executive promises the new Ranger Raptor “will be better”, confirming the Blue Oval brand is already working on the next-generation version of the off-roader.

Speaking to CarsGuide, Ford Performance programme manager Justin Capicchiano said the next Ranger Raptor would move the nameplate “forwards”.

"There is a Raptor that we are working on. We do not comment on future product but I would never want a product to be worse, or the same, as the last one,” he told the Australian publication.

"If you're not moving the vehicle forwards, then you're gong backwards. There are a lot of people who care intimately about this car and they want it to be better, and it will be better.

"When I compare what we did with other programmes, everything moves forward, with different technologies with tyres, suspension, powertrains. You only need to look at the Mustang. Everyone loved it in 2015; it did everything a Mustang should do. Then in 2018, it just did it better.

"So there are ways you can do things like that and that's got to be the focus. But you'll have to wait and see," he said.

Capicchiano went on to suggest the fact the new Raptor would be developed from the ground up – rather than created halfway through the lifecycle of an existing Ranger generation – would stand it in good stead.

"When you go to the start, you go to the start, and you develop the car from the beginning to be that way,” he said, adding “everyone is focused on delivering an awesome product”.

Interestingly, Capicchiano emphasised the next Ranger Raptor would not sacrifice on-road ability for off-road chops.

"Our vehicle dynamics team have a pretty strong view on what they want that car to be able to do, on- and off-road, and our internal practices will preclude us doing something that will see us going too far to one side, or too far to the other side," he said.

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